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In contrast with chicken or cows, kangaroos are never farmed. They are caught in the wild, directly from their natural environment. Due to this, its meat is free of any antibiotics, hormones or pharmacological intervention. This is great if you want to keep your dog’s diet as chemical-free as possible. On the other hand, kangaroo meat is a very lean protein since they are very active animals. Their wild lifestyle grazing on natural foliage produces a lean, very flavourful meat. Plus, since the animals used for dog meat are ground whole, most kangaroo dog food recipes use up the bones,...

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We have had so many calls and emails about dogs with Pancreatitis and want to share an email we sent to our client Jess:  Hi Jess,  Thanks for your enquiry. We have had so many enquiries recently with dogs with Pancreatitis. Its seems that the vets are recommending Roo because its the lowest in fat of all the meats and the doggies love it.  Im so sorry to hear about your best friends diagnosis with Pancreatitis. Let’s find her something she will love that is good for her and will make her smile every time.  At TruBlu Kangaroo we use the...

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Kangaroo tendons are great for puppies and small to Large dogs. Chew treats such as kangaroo tendons have great benefits for dogs. Firstly, over 70% of dogs over two years suffer from some form of periodontal disease. A good chew every day will help to mechanically disrupt plaque build-up due to the repetitive movement of the teeth against the treat creating a brushing action. In addition, a good chew also has behavioural benefits for dogs, as it stimulates the production of calming hormones. A great way to reduce hyperactivity is a short training session, game or sniffari (to alleviate boredom) followed...

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Kangaroo DOg treats, kangaroo treats, roo treats -

Purchasing kangaroo products should be an ethical choice for socially concerned consumers. Kangaroos live free and wild on a natural diet of native vegetation. Kangaroo meat is not farmed; it is free- range. The method of killing is humane; instant kill in their natural habitat. Using kangaroos minimises waste when populations are being culled for damage mitigation purposes.

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