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Dog chews are really effective at controlling bad breath and gum disease in our pooches.

Which dog chews are effective?


It is important to select a chew that is appropriate for the size of your dog. We have a wide selection to choose from but all we do is roo, which means that you are getting a premium dog chew at an affordable price. Your dogs teeth will love you and so will your wallet.

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Quotas are set annually and as a proportion of estimated populations, established through surveys undertaken by each state’s wildlife agency.

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Benefits of Kangaroo Treats - Who governs the Kangaroo Trade -

The commercial kangaroo industry is guided by a national Code – that is incorporated into state-based nature conservation legislation. Both the Australian Government and State Governments have a role in the conservation of Kangaroo Populations.. The states have responsibilities for regulating the harvest and processing industry, while the Australian Government controls the export of kangaroo products through the approval of kangaroo management programs and the granting of export permits.

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As kangaroos are indigenous to the Australian landscape they are designed to live in our climate and forage from the land in the wild. This means they are less destructive and have a smaller impact on the land and environment than other introduced animals that are raised for meat. The commercial kangaroo industry is active in four of the mainland states: New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia and represents the largest commercial kill of land-based wildlife in the world.  The species that are currently harvested for commercial purposes are: Red kangaroo (Macropus rufus) in areas of Queensland,...

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Benefits of Kangaroo Treats - Who governs the Kangaroo Trade, commercial kangaroo, Consider and consult with Indigenous Australians, Culling Quotas Kangaroo, dog disease -

  According to Professor Kerin O'Dea, an expert in nutrition at the University of South Australia, there's no reason to doubt kangaroo being a healthy red meat. "It is very lean, a good source of protein and a very good source of iron and zinc," she says. One of the healthiest properties of kangaroo meat is its low fat content, coming in at less than 2%. "There is no visible fat on kangaroo meat, and the fat it does have is mostly polyunsaturated. Lamb and beef, on the other hand, are much higher in visible and saturate fat” O'Dea says....

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