About Us

TruBluKangaroo is a specialized Australian business entirely dedicated to Kangaroo Treats. Our exclusive focus lies in providing the highest quality Kangaroo treats available worldwide.

Our commitment to excellence begins with sourcing the finest Roo meat to ensure optimal quality for your beloved furry friends. Kangaroo treats offer numerous benefits for dogs of all sizes, particularly those requiring a low-fat diet. Rich in protein for muscle development and omega-3 for immune support and bone density, Kangaroo meat stands as an excellent alternative to higher fat content dog treats.

We exclusively stock Roo products utilising cutting-edge Drying Technology, ensuring a consistently superior standard in the market.

At TruBluKangaroo, our assortment of Kangaroo Dog Treats caters to all breeds, regardless of size. Unsure where to start? Allow us to guide you in selecting the perfect treat for your furry companion at hello@trublukangaroo.com.au.

Given the free-range nature of Kangaroos in the wild, while unable to be certified as organic due to their roaming habits, they are considered 'free-roaming.'

To simplify your choice among Kangaroo treats, we've categorized them into 12 distinct products. Additionally, we offer bundle options for those who find it challenging to decide. Our range includes jerky, bones, training treats, and chewies, tailored to meet your dog's size, dietary needs, and preferences.

Our selection of Kangaroo jerky, hearts, kidneys, liver, puffs, and cubes serves as ideal training aids for puppies and dogs. These treats are conveniently sized, easy to break apart, and perfect for rewarding your furry friend during training sessions or just to show your appreciation.

For medium-to-large dogs, our Roo bones, shoulder wings, rib racks, and tails contribute to maintaining strength and dental hygiene without unnecessary weight gain.

Benefits of Kangaroo Dog Treats:

- Low in fat (only 2-4%)
- High in vitamins and minerals
- Rich in omega-3 for a glossy coat
- Free from harmful ingredients
- High in protein for robust bones
- Promotes dental hygiene by keeping teeth clean

Why Choose TruBluKangaroo:

We prioritize your pet's well-being. At TruBluKangaroo, our relentless efforts are geared towards sourcing healthy, preservative-free, additive-free, and chemical-free treats. Our commitment remains unwavering - we sell only 100% Kangaroo products, guaranteeing quality every time. Count on our expertise and assistance whenever needed.

Pawsitively yours,
Wd and Team