About Us

TruBluKangaroo is an Australian business that specialises 100% in Kangaroo Treats. Thats all we do! Kangaroo is our specialty. We source the best Roo meat to ensure your best friend has the best quality Kangaroo treat available in the world.

Our Roo treats are filled with protein to help build muscles and special omega-3 to boost your dog’s immune system and help with bone density. Kangaroo meat offers so many benefits for all dogs, big and small; especially dogs that don't need too much fat in their diet. Roo is an excellent  low-fat alternative to other types of dog treats.

We only stock roo products that use the latest state-of-the-art Drying Technology as it consistently produces the highest standard of product in the marketplace. 

At TrubluKangaroo, we work hard to ensure the selection of Kangaroo Dog Treats are for all dogs, large and small. If you don’t know where to start, we are here to help you.

As Kangaroo's are free range in the wild, no one can guarantee that they roam on to non organic land – even though they are surrounded by millions of acres of it! Therefore they could never become certified but are listed as ‘free roaming’.

To help you decide what treats your best mate will like, we have divided our kangaroo treats into 12 products and offer a bundle for those that just can't decide.  All up there is jerky, bones, training treats and chewies available. The type of treat depends on how big your dog is, what they need to eat and most importantly, what they love the most.

Kangaroo jerky, hearts, kidney, liver, puffs and cubes are perfect for training puppies and dogs. They’re pretty small, easy to break apart and can be used to reward your mate when your training or just when you want to reward them for being them!

For medium-to-large dogs, Roo bones, shoulder wings, rib racks and tails all help maintain your mates strength and keep their teeth clean without causing them to put on a lot of unnecessary weight. 

Benefits of Kangaroo Dog Treats

There are so many reasons why you should give Roo to your Blue. Roo treats are some of the healthiest you can get because they are so low in fat (only 2-4%), they are also high in vitamins and minerals, and your little furry fuzzball will also love the taste. And of course, kangaroos aren’t farmed but are sustainably harvested from wild population. 

Roo treats are also good because they are: 

  • High in omega-3, to help keep your dog’s coat looking shiny
  • No harmful ingredients
  • High in protein for strong bones
  • Helps with dental hygiene by keeping your dog’s teeth clean.

Why Buy from TruBluKangaroo

We want the best for your mate. That’s why we at TruBluKangaroo, we work hard to source healthy treats that are preservative, additive and chemical free – we only sell 100% Kangaroo no rubbish, ever. we promise. We only sell Roo, so we know it really well. If you need any help we are here to give you a hand. 


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