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If you can read this disclaimer, it means your human and the food is for dogs so it might be best if the disclaimer is also in a language a Dog can understand, at TruBlu Kangaroo we call this language "Bark" so here goes:

"woof, woof wowoof woof woof wowoof woof woof rrrr grrrrr w rrrr grrrrr wwoof woof, woof woof, woof woof wowoof woof wowoof woof woof rrrr grrrrr wwoof rrrr grrrrr w wowoof woof woof rrrr grrrrr w wowoof woof woof rrrr grrrrr wwoof woof woof rrrr grrrrr woof wowoof woof, woof woof woof woof woof rrrr grrrrr woof wowoof wowoof woof woof rrrr grrrrr wwoof woof rrrr grrrrr woof wowoof woof woof rrrr grrrrr woof woof"

basically what I'm saying is: 

This website is for general information only. While there are articles on nutrition and dog-related topics shown on this website, it is not possible to provide accurate advice on every dog’s diet and I'm not a dogetician (if that is even a title, but it does sound like a good name).

If you have any specific questions about your dog’s health or specialised dietary needs you will need to spend about a million dollars (joking) seeing your vet or maybe jump onto Dr Google she may solve most problems (but again, I must not recommend her either).

We are committed to the health of dogs through the sale of quality Kangaroo dog treats. We make every effort to ensure accuracy, currency and consistency of all information contained within the website and anything and everything you look at ( i was told to write.)

Some very serious words, keep in mind to watch your dog while they are eating any dry treat as they are so good, they could some times devour them whole, bones and all and some of these bones could lodge in their throats resulting in death and no one would want that and because we have told you that we won't be responsible. 

I was also told to tell you that Trublukangaroo accepts no responsibility (that means i can't say i told you to do something) for any inaccuracies (FAKE NEWS) in the information contained on this website and persons (you) relying on this information do so at your own risk. It means that everything on this website could be FAKE NEWS and you can't rely on any of it - thats what they told me to write.

I was also told to write that all external websites, including their information and documents, are listed for the interest and convenience of You and are the responsibility of the other person (the other website and not Me). You know what i had to throw this in here, whoever actually reads this rubbish disclaimer and is the FIRST (after the 30 January 2020) to send me an email at hello@trublukangaroo.com.au*** UPDATE SOMEONE JUST WON AS OF 1 DECEMBER 2022 IT TOOK NEARLY THREE YEARS FOR SOMEONE TO READ THIS>>> CONGRATULATIONS KAT!!! I will send 1 kilo of Roo for Free (Including delivery) and post you on Facebook/Insta as the winner (it would be great if you could send me some photos of you and your little furry fuzzball).

Trublukangaroo has no direction or control into the content on any external site, and so it is Your responsibility to make Your own decision about the relevance, accuracy and reliability of information located on all these external sites and if you use the information on this website it assumes your acknowledgement and acceptance of this disclaimer. So many words...


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