Why choose Kangaroo meat for your pets?

Why choose Kangaroo meat for your pets?


Kangaroo has many advantages as a meat ingredient in your pets diet. It is an ideal source of protein and is considered to be naturally the leanest red meat protein available,

This makes it an ideal choice for any animal that suffers from conditions like pancreatitis, that require a low-fat diet.

The levels of fat that kangaroo carries are not only low, but they are also unsaturated, which, although not as important in dogs as it is in humans, is a bonus.

In addition, kangaroo meat has among the best levels of zinc and iron of any meat on the market. The importance of zinc is that it is critical for the correct function of cell membranes. It also supports the immune responses to disease, making sure they quickly recover from any wounds they may suffer in the rough and tumble of pet life.

Zinc also assists dogs to metabolize both proteins and carbohydrates. In a balanced diet, zinc boosts the health of their coats and helps to toughen their paw pads. Zinc can also enhance your pet's energy levels.

As well as zinc, kangaroo meat would also be an excellent source of iron in your pets diet. The primary function of iron is to combine with both copper and protein to create haemoglobin. This is the oxygen-carrying molecule that is found in red blood cells.

If an animal is deficient in iron it can lead to anemia in the form of a lower than a normal number of red blood cells. This can not only hinder their growth rate but also weaken the animal’s immune system.

Because kangaroo is high in iron it helps treat any pets that suffer constipation. Iron is also required to enable certain enzymes to function normally.

Because there is no commercial farming of kangaroos they live in the wild where they are untainted by unnatural products being added to their diets to boost profitability. Their lives are lived in a totally natural habitat.

When they are selected for food the entire operation is regulated to adhere to strict principles of sustainability of one of Australia's great animals.


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