Kangaroos for national farmers day!

Kangaroos for national farmers day!

The history of National farmers day


One of the oldest and most important industries in the world is agriculture. In addition to regularly feeding the population that depends on their goods, farmers continue to be one of the largest contributors to economic growth. National Farmers Day, also known as Old Farmer's Day, was created to honour the labor-intensive efforts farmers make to develop their crops. The choice of October 12 was made because it falls at the conclusion of the customary harvesting season, enabling farmers to take part in celebrations that can go on for the full month. In addition, the Harvest Moon, which occurs in early October every three years and comes just before National Farmer's Day on the 12th, will be visible.

In reality, the Old Farmer's Day Festival in Loranger, Louisiana, honours and displays the customs and practises of farming before it developed into the sophisticated, scientific industry it is today. 

Typically, if not around the middle of October, the first frost would hit regions in the northern US, forcing many farmers to harvest their crops ahead of time in order to get ready for the winter. 
The traditional growing period can now be extended due to technological advancements in farming techniques, increasing production and profit. This is one of the reasons why National Farmer's Day celebrations in rural areas frequently linger into National Farmer's Month.

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