Benefits of Kangaroo Treats - Sustainability - Culling Quotas

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Benefits of Kangaroo Treats - Sustainability - Culling Quotas

Quotas are set annually and as a proportion of estimated populations, established through surveys undertaken by each state’s wildlife agency.

Survey methods vary between and within states depending on the geography of the survey site, and are outlined in the state management plans. Survey methods and frequency also vary between species.

The Australian Government Department of Environment and Energy consider that annual harvest levels in the order of 15 per cent of the populations for grey kangaroos and wallaroos, and 20 per cent for red kangaroos are sustainable – this equates to between 1.45 – 2 million kangaroos a year.

The rationale for culling is to manage grazing pressure (other farm industries) and to encourage the maintenance of indigenous plant diversity.

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