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Attention all canine connoisseurs seeking the ultimate delight! Introduce your pup to the Trublukangaroo sampler pouch, tailor-made for dogs with an insatiable craving for variety and flavour. Discover your pup's favourite treat and elevate their snack time with a wide variety of our organic, healthy, and delectable goodies!

Our sampler pack contains:

  • 300g Cartilage: This supports oral health by helping maintain dental hygiene through scraping off plaque and tartar from teeth.
  • 100g Tendon: Promotes joint health by providing essential proteins and nutrients for joint strength and flexibility.
  • 300g Short Jerky: High in protein, this jerky offers a rich source essential for muscle development and energy.
  • 100g Sternum Bone: Rich in collagen, beneficial for skin, hair, and joint health.
  • 200g Liver: Nutrient-dense for overall wellness, packed with vitamins and minerals, supports the immune system and organ health.

These kangaroo treats will whip up drool storms, leaving your pup looking like they just had a blast at a doggy spa. One whiff of the delicious aroma and their tongue will flop out like a red carpet welcoming the most scrumptious kangaroo meat on the market.


  • High in Protein: Essential for building and maintaining muscle mass, promoting satiety, and supporting an active lifestyle.
  • Low in Fat: Makes it a guilt-free treat that won't compromise your dog's weight management.
  • Rich in Nutrients: Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, and glucosamine to support joint health, skin health, and overall vitality.
  • Delicious and Satisfying: Carefully crafted to preserve the natural flavour of kangaroo, providing a chewy, satisfying treat that will tantalise your dog's taste buds and ignite their adventurous spirit.

Choose the Trublukangaroo sampler pouch for a snack that perfectly blends taste with health benefits, ensuring your dog's mealtime is both enjoyable and nutritious.

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