Roo Shoulder Bones (Wings)

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Kangaroo Shoulder Wings Dog Treats: The Superior Chew for Dental Health and Endless Enjoyment

Our Kangaroo Shoulder Wings are quickly becoming the preferred choice for pet owners looking for a treat that offers more than just taste. Specially designed for medium to large dogs, these treats are not just a test of strength and persistence but also a boon for their dental health. Due to their size and hardness, they provide hours of chewing pleasure, ensuring your furry friends are both occupied and satisfied.

Exclusive Benefits of Roo Shoulder Bones:

  • Premium Australian Quality: Sourced from 100% Australian kangaroo, these shoulder wings are a testament to the purity and excellence of the meat, ensuring your pet enjoys the best treats nature has to offer.

  • Optimal Drying Process: Perfectly dried to retain their nutritional content, our shoulder wings are free from preservatives and additives, offering a clean, wholesome snack.

  • Dental Health Enhancer: These hard, large treats are not only a challenge for your dog to enjoy but also serve as an excellent aid in maintaining dental hygiene, helping to clean teeth and strengthen gums with every bite.

  • Nutritional Powerhouse: Low in fat and free from allergens, our treats are packed with antioxidants and the highest level of Omega-3 compared to lamb, beef, and pork treats, along with a high concentration of natural Vitamin B12 for cell renewal.

  • Long-lasting Satisfaction: Specifically crafted for lasting enjoyment, these treats are the perfect way to keep your dog engaged, providing a rewarding challenge that meets their natural chewing instincts.

Thoughtfully Designed Packaging:

  • Natural Variability Acknowledged: Recognising the natural differences in each kangaroo, the sizes and weights of our treats vary, showcasing the authentic and wild source of our products.

  • Customised for Convenience: Available in 500g or 1kg resealable pouches, our packaging ensures the treats remain fresh, making it easy for you to store and dispense them.

Energetic and Nutritional Value:

With a metabolizable energy of 340 Kcal/110g and boasting a minimum protein content of 41%, Kangaroo Shoulder Wings are not just treats but a significant part of your dog's balanced diet, providing the energy and nutritional support they need to thrive.

Kangaroo Shoulder Wings: A Commitment to Quality and Satisfaction

Choosing our Kangaroo Shoulder Wings means opting for a treat that provides health benefits, satisfies your dog's natural chewing instincts, and supports their overall well-being. Ideal for pet owners who prioritize their dog's health and happiness, these treats offer a challenging, nutritious, and enjoyable way to reward your faithful companion.