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Introduce your dog to the Roo Lumbar Bone, a premium dog treat that blends irresistible flavour, significant nutritional benefits, and dental health advantages. Each treat celebrates the natural diversity of the wild, with variations in breed, size, and color enhancing their unique appeal.

  • Nutritious and Satisfying: Each Roo Lumbar Bone is densely packed with kangaroo meat wrapped around vertebra chunks, offering a protein-rich chew that is not only nutritious but also incredibly satisfying for natural chewing instincts.
  • Designed for Medium to Larger Breeds: Generously sized at an average length of 20-25cm, these bones provide a robust and extended chewing experience that is ideal for medium to larger breeds, helping to reduce plaque buildup and promote dental health.
  • Health-Conscious Treat: Kangaroo meat is known for its low fat content, making these bones a great choice for maintaining a healthy weight while still delivering a satisfying flavour that dogs love.
  • Dental Health Promoter: The natural hardness of the bones serves as an excellent dental aid, helping to clean teeth and massage gums as your dog chews, which can improve overall oral health.
  • Perfect for Outdoor Activities: These bones are ideal for outdoor chewing sessions, allowing dogs to indulge in their natural behaviour while reducing mess indoors. They provide a great way to enhance the bond with your pet during outdoor play.
  • All-Natural Quality: Sourced from 100% Australian kangaroo these bones are naturally processed to retain their nutritional quality and integrity without any artificial preservatives or additives.

With its natural ingredients, substantial size and healthful benefits, providing Roo Lumbar Bone for your dog means giving them a treat that's not only enjoyable but also beneficial for their health and well-being. 

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