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Explore our exceptional Kangaroo Knee Tendon Cartilage Chews – a superior dental treat designed for Medium to Larger dogs, and a superb alternative to our traditional Roo Tendons.

  • Dense Cartilage Delight: Crafted from robust kangaroo knee tendon, these chews feature dense cartilage that helps maintain dental health through prolonged chewing.
  • Lean & Low-Fat: These chews are a lean and low-fat option that supports your pet's health without the guilt, making them ideal for health-conscious pet owners. 
  • Dental Dynamo: Each chew works to scrub away plaque and freshen breath, leaving your dog with a cleaner mouth and a happier demeanour. 
  • Unique Every Time: Each chew presents a unique shape and size, adding a delightful surprise to your dog’s daily routine and providing varied and engaging chewing experiences. 

Treat your beloved canine to our Kangaroo Knee Tendon Cartilage Dog Chews and watch them revel in the taste and dental benefits. These chews are not just treats; they're a testament to your care, ensuring your dog gets only the best.

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