Roo Shoulder Bones (Wings)

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Our Kangaroo Shoulder Wings are quickly becoming the preferred choice for pet owners looking for a treat that offers more than just taste. Specially designed for medium to large dogs, these treats are not just a test of strength and persistence but also a boon for their dental health. Due to their size and hardness, they provide hours of chewing pleasure, ensuring your furry friends are both occupied and satisfied.

  • Premium Australian Quality: Sourced from 100% Australian kangaroo, these shoulder wings exemplify purity and excellence, ensuring your pet enjoys the finest treats nature has to offer.
  • Optimal Drying Process: Perfectly dried to retain nutritional content, our shoulder wings are free from preservatives and additives, offering a clean, wholesome snack.
  • Dental Health Enhancer: These hard, large treats not only challenge your dog but also help maintain dental hygiene by cleaning teeth and strengthening gums with every bite.
  • Nutritional Powerhouse: Low in fat and allergen-free, these treats are rich in antioxidants and Omega-3, surpassing common meats like lamb, beef, and pork, and include a high concentration of natural Vitamin B12 for cell renewal.
  • Long-lasting Satisfaction: Crafted for extended enjoyment, these treats keep your dog engaged, providing a rewarding challenge that aligns with their natural chewing instincts.
  • Natural Variability Acknowledged: Reflecting the natural diversity of kangaroo sources, the sizes and weights of our wing treats vary, adding authenticity.

Choosing Kangaroo Shoulder Wings means opting for a treat that promotes health, satisfies natural chewing instincts, and supports overall well-being. Ideal for pet owners who prioritise their dog's happiness, these treats offer a challenging, nutritious, and enjoyable reward for your faithful companion.

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