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Introducing our Kangaroo Jerky Diced - these small, thick, and chewy treats are designed to be the perfect little indulgence for your furry friend, whether on walks, during training, or as a delightful snack at home.

**1. The Ideal Small Treat**: Kangaroo Jerky Diced is a smaller treat designed with versatility in mind. These little chewy pieces are perfect for walks, training, or just to give your dog a little something special. They're made from 100% Australian kangaroo meat.

**2. Unique Chewiness**: Kangaroo Jerky Diced is crafted by dicing the belly meat, resulting in a slightly chewier texture compared to other jerky treats. This characteristic makes them an excellent dental aid for small and medium dogs and a nutritious snack for larger dogs.

**3. Roo Jerky Diced - Benefits**: Here's why these diced treats are the premium of premium dog treats:

- **100% Australian Kangaroo**: Sourced from the Australian outback, these treats are made from the finest kangaroo meat, providing your pet with a truly authentic taste.

- **Perfectly Dried**: Our jerky is dried to perfection, retaining its natural flavour and nutritional value while remaining free from any harmful preservatives or additives.

- **Low in Fat & High in Protein**: Kangaroo Jerky Diced is a fantastic source of lean protein, and it is naturally low in fat. This makes it an ideal choice for dogs looking for a protein-rich, healthy treat.

- **Easily Breakable**: The versatility of these diced pieces is outstanding. They can be easily broken into smaller pieces, making them an excellent training dog treat.

- **Single Ingredient**: Our jerky diced treats are a single-ingredient product, ensuring that your dog receives pure kangaroo meat without any additional fillers.

- **Low Allergenic**: They are a low-allergenic option, making them suitable for dogs with food sensitivities.

- **Rich in Antioxidants & Omega-3**: Kangaroo meat is known for its higher antioxidant and Omega-3 content compared to lamb, beef, and pork treats. This contributes to your dog's overall health and vitality.

- **Natural B12 Vitamin**: These treats contain a high concentration of natural B12 vitamin, essential for cell renewal and overall health.

- **Low Fat Content**: With just around 2% fat, these diced treats are a healthy and satisfying option.

- **Pure and Natural**: Kangaroo Jerky Diced is made from 100% kangaroo meat, simply dried and packed. It contains no preservatives, additives, colours, added sugar, or any other unwanted ingredients. Absolutely no nasties, ever.

**4. Packaging**: Our Kangaroo Jerky Diced is available in 400g and 1kg packs, both conveniently packaged in a stand-up pouch for your convenience.

**5. Nature's Variability**: As a natural product, the sizes and weights of these diced treats can vary based on the size of the animal. The information provided here is an average indication to give you an idea of what to expect.

**6. Energy Calculation**: These diced treats offer a metabolizable energy of 325 Kcal per 110g. They contain a minimum of 47% protein and a minimum of 2% fat, ensuring a nutritious and delightful treat for your dog.

Kangaroo Jerky Diced is the perfect way to reward and pamper your dog with a premium treat that excels in taste, nutrition, and overall satisfaction. Your pet's health and happiness are our top priority.