Roo Ears (Hair On)

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We are delighted to introduce our Kangaroo Ears with Hair - a naturally dehydrated 100% kangaroo ear that with a unique texture to challenge all treats.

**1. Nature's Fiber Source**: In a natural diet, fur and feathers serve as the primary sources of fiber for dogs. The inclusion of hair on these kangaroo ears provides insoluble fiber, which, when combined with the ear, offers a valuable source of manganese. Manganese is known for its benefits in supporting joints and ligaments, making these ears an ideal choice, particularly for dogs prone to cruciate ligament injuries.

**2. Boneless, Natural Treat**: Kangaroo Ears with Hair are an excellent boneless, natural treat that appeals to your dog's primal instincts.

**3. Roo Ears - Benefits**: Here's why these ears are exceptional:

- **Appealing to the Primal Side**: Kangaroo ears are not only delicious but also lower in fat. They tap into your dog's primal side, providing an experience that mimics what dogs would consume in the wild.

- **Natural De-Wormer**: These ears serve as a natural de-wormer, contributing to your dog's overall health.

- **Low Odour, Non-Greasy**: Kangaroo Ears with Hair are low in odor and non-greasy, making them an excellent choice for indoor chewing. They won't leave a mess and won't create unpleasant odours.

- **Unique Texture**: The combination of the soft outer fur and the ear's natural toughness provides a unique texture that's both bendy and very chewy. This texture is not only appealing to dogs but also helps maintain good dental hygiene without relying on chemical-laden dental treats.

- **Versatile for All Sizes**: Kangaroo ears come in various sizes, ranging from 8-10cm in length and approximately 10-21 grams in weight. They are low in fat, with less than 2%. Mini, small, and medium-sized dogs will find them long-lasting, while larger dogs will enjoy their chewy nature, even though it may not last as long.

- **Entertainment and Dental Hygiene**: These ears serve a dual purpose. They keep your dog entertained while simultaneously assisting in the maintenance of good dental hygiene. The act of chewing on these ears helps clean your dog's teeth, promoting oral health.

**4. Roo Ears - Packaging**: Our Kangaroo Ears with Hair are available in packs of 10 or 25 ears, conveniently packaged in resealable flat bags to maintain their freshness.

Treat your dog to a taste of the wild with Kangaroo Ears with Hair. These natural, healthy treats not only delight your dog's senses but also provide essential nutrients for their well-being. Your pet's health and happiness are our top priority.